Report a Pothole

Before reporting a pothole, please ensure it's on one of our local City maintained roads. Wayne County maintained roads include: Fort St, Outer Drive, Dix, and Southfield. 

Please report potholes on the above roads to the County at:

For all other roads, use the below form to report a pothole.
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1. Contact Info:
 Address or Location of Pothole*
 Email Address*
 Daytime Phone Number
 2. Describe with as much detail as possible, the location of the pothole*
3. I understand that I'm reporting a pothole on a LOCAL Lincoln Park road and that reporting potholes located on Wayne County roads via this form will not be reported to the County. Wayne County maintained roads include Fort St, Outer Drive, Dix, and Southfield. *
  I Understand

To report potholes and other issues with non city streets, please use the following resources: