CDBG Exterior Property Inspections

Notice some of our inspectors in your area lately? 

That's because the City of Lincoln Park receives federal funding that may be used to inspect properties within Census Tracts where at least 51% of the households are low-to moderate-income. 

In Lincoln Park,  that is 18 of the City’s 44 Census Tracts that can qualify for funding.  The City's building services contractor, McKenna, is performing site-by-site exterior inspections on residential properties within our eligible census tracts using handheld devices that are web-enabled. 

The devices are linked to a questionnaire that contains fields aligning with the City’s adopted Property Maintenance Code.  The data we collect may be used to prioritize federal and local investments for certain properties or within certain areas depending on surveyed conditions. 

At NO time should our inspectors enter your home. These are exterior home inspections only. If you have additional questions, please contact Doreen Christian @