Heavy Weather update

The city has experienced significant rainfall in the past 24 hours.  This is anticipated to continue into the early hours on Sunday.

The Emergency Operations Team consisting of the Mayor, Fire and Police Chiefs, DPS Director, City Management, CERT representatives met last night and this afternoon.  They continue to monitor the situation to address developments.  The Emergency Manager, Steve Martin, is in contact with his counterparts with the State and County to request assistance as needed.

The City pumps are working at full capacity and are being monitored by our DPS employees who were called in early this morning.  They are also investigating reports of flooded streets and basements.  Anyone experiencing basement flooding is asked to call the Police Department at 313-381-1800 and then press 8 when prompted to report the flooding.  This can also be used to report a flooded street.  Please refer to the Heavy Weather Alert message from 01/10/2020 for additional information on flooding claims.

There is the possibility of freezing conditions tomorrow morning that may result in icy conditions and down electrical lines.  The DPS will be salting the roads in the early morning but use extreme caution if you must travel.

Call 911 to report any downed wire.  Do not touch or handle the wire in any way or items the wire is resting upon.  Stay at least 100 feet away