Fence or Pool Requirements

 Fence Requirements

  1. A copy of the mortgage survey must be submitted at time of application. If a copy is not available a complete plot plan must be drawn.
  2. Maximum height of fence is 6', which can extend no closer than 5' to the front building setback.
  3. All postholes are to be inspected to verify minimum depth of 42'' before posts are set in cement.
  4. Existing chain link fences may not be removed without consent of all adjoining neighbors. A notarized letter of permission for removal from each neighbor must  accompany the application.
  5. If the chain link is to remain, wood posts and fence must be at least 3" away from the existing fence, and cannot be attached to any other fence or post.
  6. Fences along side property lines must be 12" off of the city sidewalk.
  7. The 2x4" cross bars must be on the installer's side of the fence unless notarized letters of permission from all adjoining neighbors have been submitted.
  8. Fence sections must be removable for maintenance purposes.
  9. Fences must be maintained in good condition and order at all times. If not properly maintained, the fence may be ordered removed at the owner's expense.
  10. Grass, weeds & brush must be kept clean from under the fence. It is recommended that fences be raised 3" or more off the ground to facilitate this maintenance.
  11. Final inspection must be obtained on all fences.