Block Parties

Residents of the City of Lincoln Park may petition the Mayor and City Council to close streets in the City for the purpose of holding block parties.  Block party petitions will be submitted to Mayor & Council subject to the following conditions:

  • All residents in the block(s) must sign the petition.
  • Circulator must sign bottom of petition.
  • Petitions must be submitted to the City Clerk’s Office, 1355 Southfield Rd., Lincoln Park, at least three weeks prior to the proposed event.
  • Before the request is submitted to Mayor and Council for consideration, the City Clerk’s Office will forward the request to the respective departments for approval. 
  • The street must be barricaded at each end and closed to vehicular traffic.
  • All streets must be reopened by 9 p.m. or dusk, whichever comes first, and the street be reopened to traffic.
  • Residents will be responsible for collecting and disposing of all trash and debris.
  • The block party is subject to the City’s Noise Ordinance Chapter 666.04 and Public Nuisance Ordinance Chapter 676.04.

Any questions or concerns please contact the City Clerk’s Office at (313) 386-1800 Ext. 1247 or email