Precinct Locations

PLEASE NOTE:  For the August 6, 2024 primary election  all in-person voting has been temporarily relocated to the Kennedy Memorial Building (Bandshell) 3240 Ferris Ave.   This applies only to the August 6, 2024 election.   Voters will return to their precincts for the November 5, 2024 Presidential Election

Due to Precinct Consolidation all voting precincts have been renumbered, and new Voter Information cards are being sent to all voters.  Some of you will be voting at a new location.  Please check your card carefully.    Voter information cards are for your reference only.  State Election law requires a photo ID when voting in any election.  Thank you for voting!   Click here to view the new Precinct Map.

 Precinct  Location  Address
 1  Paun School 2821 Bailey Ave
 3  Raupp School  1351 Ethel Ave
 5  Foote School  3250 Abbott 
 7  Kennedy Memorial Bldg  3240 Ferris
9  Hoover School  3750 Howard
11  Carr School  3901 Ferris