Library Board of Directors

Background Information
The Library Advisory Commission shall have the following powers and duties:
  • To consider and study the reasonable needs and requirements of the library facilities of the City and to formulate and report its findings, from time to time, to the Mayor and Council.
  • To create and maintain public interest, and to conduct related activities, in the library system of the City.
  • To receive recommendations from the Library Director, and to submit to the Mayor and Council, on or before March 1 of each year, an estimate of the budgetary needs of the library system.
  • To receive gifts to the library, on behalf of the City, to make recommendations to the Mayor and Council for the use of such gifts for the betterment of library service, and to administer trusts in accordance with the terms of such trusts through the regular fiscal procedure.
Desired Traits for Appointees
Below are the desired skills and traits that are helpful, though not required, for successful appointees to the Library Board of Directors:
  • Interest in the library and its services; knowledge of the community and its diversity; active with groups or organizations within the community; a general understanding of the social and economic conditions within the City.
  • Support for the mission of the library and capability to communicate the mission to the public.
  • Awareness of the library’s role in the community as a center of information, culture, recreation, technological access, and lifelong learning.
  • Readiness to devote time and effort to carry out the duties of trusteeship; must be able to regularly attend meetings of the Board; willing to represent the library at meetings and public functions; good communication skills, and ability to relate to the public.
  • Ability to think and plan creatively, to question objectively, and to effectively support the service plan of the library.
  • Skill in establishing policies for the successful and efficient operation of the library.
  • Sound judgment, a sense of fiscal responsibility, and community awareness.
  • An open mind, intellectual curiosity, and respect for the opinions of others; ability to work well with others, including fellow board members, library management and staff members, City Government, and the public served by the library.
Meeting Information
The Library Board of Directors meetings will meet on the first Thursday of every month at 7:00 p.m. at the Lincoln Park Public Library located at 1381 Southfield Rd.

2024 Tentative Meeting Dates
January 04
February 01
March 07
April 04
May 02
June 06
July 11
August 01
September 05
October 03
November 07
December 05

Agendas and Minutes
Library Board of Directors Agendas and Minutes