Final Read for Water Account

  • Final bill request will be generated the NEXT business day.
  • Final reads will not be read same day OR from a previous date.
  • Final meter reads in most cases can be read digitally so we will NOT need to enter the property. If we do, we will contact you.
  •  Please include ALL addresses and names below if more than one person needs to receive a final read.
Property Address*
Name of Requestor*
Requestor Phone Number*
Date requested for last bill*
(the date you want for final read.
Must be a future date)

Method to receive final bill 
(email, fax, US mail or in person)
Additional Parties to receive final bill
(Provide necessary info if applicable)

If you have any further questions, contact our Water Department
313-386-1800 ext 1252 with the above information.