Cooling and Warming Centers

Residents can stay safe and comfortable during extreme weather events by utilizing warming and cooling centers. Please stay informed and prepared to use these vital community resources.

For information about weather advisories, please visit The US National Weather Service - Detroit/Pontiac Michigan

What Are Warming and Cooling Centers?
Warming and cooling centers are designated public spaces where residents can go to find relief during extreme weather conditions. These centers provide a safe, temperature-controlled environment to help people stay comfortable and safe during extreme heat or cold.

Who Can Use These Centers?
Warming and cooling centers are typically open to all residents, especially those who are vulnerable to temperature extremes such as the elderly, young children, people with chronic health conditions, individuals experiencing homelessness, or those without access to adequate heating or cooling at home. 

When Are These Centers Open?
Warming and cooling centers are usually activated during extreme weather events. 

What to Expect at a Warming or Cooling Center
These centers are kept at a comfortable temperature to provide relief from the heat or cold. They offer access to basic amenities such as seating, restrooms, and drinking water. Depending on the location, additional services may be available, including food, blankets, charging stations for electronic devices, and activities to pass the time.

Locations of Warming and Cooling Centers
There are four warming and cooling centers located in the City of Lincoln Park.
  • Lincoln Park Community Center (3525 Dix)
  • Kennedy Memorial Building (3240 Ferris)
  • Lincoln Park Public Library (1381 Southfield)
  • Blessed Hope Church (3804 Hazel)
For information about warming and cooling centers outside of Lincoln Park, please visit Wayne County: Warming & Cooling Centers

What to Bring
When going to a warming or cooling center, it’s good to bring some form of identification, although it's not always necessary. Make sure to bring any necessary medications and consider bringing a book, a charger for electronic devices, and any personal comfort items.