Online Water & Tax Payments

Online Water , tax , building permits and open  miscellaneous invoice payments

WHEN PAYING Tax BILLS, payments must be for exact amount.  DO NOT ROUND UP YOUR PAYMENTS. 

any partial tax payments will be subject to penalty and interest.

2023 Taxes are payable to Wayne County Treasurer, 400 Monroe St., 4th Floor, Detroit, MI  48226.


Summer Tax bills
Will be mailed on June 30, 2024, and are due on August 20, 2024. Installments are due August 20, 2024, October 15, 2024, and February 28, 2025. If the first installment is not paid by the August due date, the entire tax bill is due in full, with a penalty. 

Winter Tax bills
Winter Tax bills will be mailed on November 30, 2024 and are d
ue on February 15, 2025

*Credit cards are accepted at City Hall with a 2.95% convenience fee for each transaction (with a minimum of $2.00).

 Postmarks are accepted for mail payments.

  • A one percent (1%) penalty applies on the 21st of each month for Summer Taxes that were not paid by August 20th 
  • A one percent (1%) penalty per month for Winter taxes effective February 16, 2025
  • Attention Mortgage Companies, Title Companies, Realtors, and Rental Property Owners: There is a $10.00 duplicate tax bill fee unless you have printed the information from this website.