When it snows, make sure to clear your sidewalks of snow and ice to keep them safe and avoid a possible fine from the City. 

  • Keeping our sidewalks free of ice and snow is the neighborly thing to do. Not to mention it’s the law. For your own benefit and to help your neighbors, people pushing strollers or using wheelchairs, and the many people in Lincoln Park who walk, please do your part to ensure sidewalks are safe for everyone.

 Lincoln Park Municipal Code requires that the responsible party clear their sidewalk within:

  • 24hrs to clear their sidewalk of snow
  • 12hrs to clear their sidewalk of ice accumulation 
When shoveling snow and ice
  • It is encouraged to clear a 5ft wide path whenever possible to allow for elderly, those using wheelchairs, young children walking to school, and those with other disabilities to safely traverse the sidewalk. 
  • Snow is NOT permitted to be pushed into or across the street from private property in accordance with city ordinance. It is your responsibility to inform a private service should you hire one to remove snow from your driveway. 
If you don't clear your sidewalk
  • Individuals who do not comply with the sidewalk snow removal ordinance face a fine. Individuals are ALSO responsible for the costs of our city contractor to remove the snow and ice accumulation.
  • Fine Schedule: 1st Offense $130 , 2nd Offense $280 ,  3rd Offense 530

Want to report noncompliant locations?

For those who can't remove their snow
  • In special circumstances when there are hardships to consider may be taken into account by the City Attorney should a ticket be issued. We suggest contacting a snow removal service to perform this service. If you are unable to afford such a service, ideally neighbors would provide assistance in this instance. The City is not responsible for private property snow removal.