Summer Tax Deferment Information

Qualifying property taxpayers may defer until February 15, without penalty or interest, the due date of the summer taxes on their principal residence, if their gross household income for the preceding calendar year did not exceed $40,000 and they are:

a) 62 years of age or older, including the unmarried surviving spouse of a person who was 62 years of age or older at the time of death;
b) A paraplegic or quadriplegic;
c) An eligible serviceperson, eligible veteran, or their eligible widow or widower;
d) A blind person; or
e) A totally and permanently disabled person.

Property that is classified or used as agricultural property may qualify if the gross receipts of the agricultural or horticultural operations in the previous year (or the average gross receipts for such operations in the previous three years) are not less than the household income of the owner in the preceding calendar year.

Persons applying for a deferral must certify that they qualify for the deferment on a form available through their local treasurer's office in order to receive the deferral.

The form must be completed each year in order to have taxes deferred without penalty in any given year.

The form must be filed with your City treasurer by September 15, or the time the tax would otherwise become subject to interest or a late penalty charge for late payment, whichever is later.