Taxpayer Assistance for Delinquent Real Property Taxes

Don't Wait 'til its's too Late

Year One:  Taxes become delinquent on March 1st.  Notices sent on June 1, and September 1.  Notice that property will be forfeited with additional fees and interest are sent February 1.

Year Two:  Property forfeited, process of forclosure begins.  Title searches are done March through October.  Notice is sent June 1.  Forclosure suit filed in Circuit Cout on June 15th.  On September 1, 1st class notice is sent.  Between September and October, your property is visited by a representive from the Wayne County Treasurer's Office.  December - certified notice to taxpayer and parties of interest for Administrative Show Cause hearing by Wayne County Treasurer.  Hardship application process.  January - Administrative Show Cause hearing by Wayne County Treasurer.  February - Circuit Court Hearing for foreclosed property and entry of Judgement of Foreclosure.  Additional visits by Wayne County Treasurer's representatives.

Year Three:  Property foreclosed, March 1st.