Where to Get Help

Contact the Wayne County Treasurer's Office at 313-224-6105.  Staff is available to assist you.


Contact your City Assessor to see if eligible for poverty exemption.

Get in touch with local service agencies in your community.  Visit www.treasurer.waynecounty.comfor further information regarding non-profit agencies.

Contact the Wayne County Department of Human Services -DHS for information on programs in place to assist low-income persons with their property taxes.  Senior citizens, veterans, surviving spouses of eligible veterans and disabled veterans may be eligible for larger tax relief.

Make certain you have filed your homestead and earned income tax credit forms with the IRS and/or State of Michigan.

Senior Citizens, disabled people, veterans, surviving spouses of verterans and farmers may be eligible to delay paying property taxes.  Contact your local Treasurer for a summer tax deferment application.

Eligible homeowners may apply for an exemption from property taxes.  Eligible homeowners must own and occupy their home as a principal residence and meet poverty income standards.  Contact your local Assessor for further information.