Historical Commission

Background Information
The Historical Commission shall have charge of the administration of any museum and its contents now or hereafter acquired by the City. Within the provisions provided therefore in the City budget for each fiscal year, the Commission shall acquire, collect, own and exhibit, in the name of the City, all necessary historical material, equipment and other things necessary for the effective operation of the City's museums.

Contact Information
Jeff Day, Curator
1335 Southfield
Lincoln Park, MI 48146
(313) 386-3137

Desired Traits for Appointees
Below are the desired skills and traits that are helpful, though not required, for successful appointees to the Historical Commission:
  • An Architect with knowledge and background in historic preservation
  • An individual with knowledge of construction methods, such as a local builder
  • A Local Historian
  • A member of the local historical society

Meeting Information
The Historical Commission will meet on the fourth Wednesday of every month at 7:00 p.m. at the Lincoln Park Historical Museum located at 1335 Southfield. 

2024 Tentative Meeting Dates
January 24
February 28
March 27
April 24
May 22
June 26
July 24
August 28
September 25
October 23
November 22
December 4

Meeting Agendas and Minutes
Historical Commission Agenda and Minutes can be found here