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Mayor Higgins is a third-generation, Lincoln Parker. He was first elected to the City Council in November 2003 and won re-election again in November 2005, where he served as Council President until 2007. He was again elected to City Council in 2018.  Mayor Higgins was first elected as mayor in November 2022.

Liaison: Community Planning and Development, Economic Development Corporation, Downtown Development Authority, and the Community Improvement Commission. 

Carlos Salcido Clipped Council President Salcido is a graduate of Lincoln Park High School, Class of 1979. He has been a resident of the city for over 50 years. He was elected to City Council in 2018 and elected as Council President in 2020. 

Liaison: Parks and Recreation Department and Parks and Recreation Commission

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Councilperson Duprey was elected to Lincoln Park City Council in November of 2020. She is a Grosse Ile graduate and retired in 2018. She participates in outreach programs to aid those less fortunate in Lincoln Park and Detroit. She also assists with dog rescue for 30+ years. 

Liaison: Building Department, Dangerous Building Board, Zoning Board of Appeals, and Planning Commission
2020 maureen tobin

Councilperson Tobin has been a Lincoln Park resident for over 20 years. She worked as a city employee for 6 years, with 5 years as the Event Coordinator. In 2018, she was elected to the city council but declined the seat to ensure that city events continued to grow. Councilperson Tobin is also a member of the Lincoln Park Exchange Club, is involved with the prevention of child abuse, and fundraising to help end veteran homelessness.

Liaison:  Police and Fire Departments and the Public Safety Commission


Lylian Ross Clipped
Councilperson Ross was elected in a special election held on May 8, 2018, to fill the vacancy left by the deceased Councilman Mario DiSanto. Councilwoman Ross was successful in her candidacy in 2018. 

Liaison: Finance Department, Housing Commission, and Historical Commission

COUNCILMAN - Jason behr
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Councilperson Behr graduated in 1989 and is a third-generation Lincoln Parker. Councilperson Behr has served on the Parks and Recreation Commission since 2018. 

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Liaison:  Department of Public Services and Library Board

COUNCILMAN - eric szor
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Councilperson Szor has lived in Lincoln Park since 1985. He has three children that have graduated from Lincoln Park schools and still reside in the city and five grandchildren. His family owned Reliable Battery and Reliable Auto Service in Lincoln Park for 32 years. He currently works at Ford Motor Company World Headquarters. 

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Liaison: Assessing Department and Lincoln Park Board of Education

2020 kerry kehrer - Copy  Having worked for the City for over 20 years, including 13 years in the Clerk's Office, City Clerk Kerry Kehrer ran a successful campaign for her election in November 2018. Kerry Kehrer has been serving as the Deputy Clerk for the past five years and has overseen the setup and testing of our election equipment. 


2020 pat lulko - Copy

A Lincoln Park High School graduate, Patricia Lulko began her service with the City in April 1979, working as a billing clerk in the Water Department. She transferred to the Controller’s office as Accounts Payable Clerk and then Payroll Clerk. In 1983 she became the Deputy Director of Personnel and Purchasing. In July 1993, she was appointed Director of Personnel and Purchasing; which she held until her retirement on January 1, 2005. During her career with the City, she also held the position of Information Systems Manager. Ms. Lulko was first elected Treasurer in November 2005 and is a member of the Wayne County Treasurer's Association.