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Mayor - Thomas E. Karnes

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Mayor Karnes was first elected Mayor in November 2013 and was successful in his re-election in November 2018. Mayor Karnes is a life long resident of Lincoln Park, graduating from Lincoln Park High School. He served as Police Chief from October 2004 - October 2012.

Liaison to: Police & Fire

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Council President - Donna Breeding

Donna Breeding ClippedAfter serving as City Clerk  for 25 years and with 46 years as a City employee, Donna Breeding was successful in her candidacy for City Council in 2018.  

Liaison to: Parks & Recreation

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Councilman - Michael Higgins

Michael Higgins ClippedCouncilperson Higgins is a third generation Lincoln Parker. He was first elected to the City Council in November 2003 and won re-election again in November 2005, where he served as Council President until 2007. He was again elected to City Council in 2018.

Liaison to: Community Development

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Councilman - Larry F. Kelsey

Larry Kelsey ClippedCouncilperson Kelsey was elected to office in November of 2013 and was successful in his re-election in November 2018. He is a long time resident of Lincoln Park, graduating from Lincoln Park High School. He is a veteran who proudly served his country from 1971-1973. He is a member of CERT and has served on the Public Safety Commission. 

Liaison to: Assessing Dept.

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cOUNCILwoMAN - lylian ross

Lylian Ross Clipped Councilperson Ross was elected in a special election held on May 8, 2018 to fill the vacancy left by the deceased Councilman Mario DiSanto. Councilwoman Ross was successful in her candidacy in 2018. 

Liaison to: Building Dept. 

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Councilman - Carlos salcido

Carlos Salcido Clipped Councilperson Salcido was elected to City Council in 2018. 

Liaison to: Department of Public Services

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Councilman - Thomas Parkinson

Tom Parkinson ClippedCouncilperson Parkinson was elected to City Council in 2016. He is a life long resident of Lincoln Park, graduating from Lincoln Park High School. He is also a retired City Of Lincoln Park Department of Public Service Foreman. Councilperson Parkinson was successful in his reelection in 2018. 

Liaison to: Finance Dept. 

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City Clerk- Kerry Kehrer

Kerry Kehrer ClippedHaving worked  for the City for over 20 years, including 13 years in the Clerk's Office, City Clerk Kerry Kehrer ran a successful campaign for her election in November 2018. Kerry Kehrer has been serving as the Deputy Clerk for the past five years and has overseen the setup and testing of our election equipment. 

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TreasureR - Patricia Lulko

Pat Lulko ClippedA Lincoln Park High School graduate, Patricia Lulko began her service with the City in April, 1979, working as a billing clerk in the Water Department. She transferred to the Controller’s office as Accounts Payable Clerk and then Payroll Clerk. In 1983 she became the Deputy Director of Personnel and Purchasing. In July 1993, she was appointed Director of Personnel and Purchasing; which she held until her retirement on January 1, 2005. During her career with the City, she also held the position of Information Systems Manager. Ms. Lulko was first elected Treasurer in November, 2005 and is a member of the Wayne County Treasurer's Association.

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