Sanitary Sewer Maintenance Work

Sanitary Sewer Maintenance Work

The City of Lincoln Park recently obtained a low-interest loan through EGLE to conduct a sewer cleaning and television inspection program of sanitary sewers within neighborhoods of the City. The purpose of this program is to assess the existing condition of the sanitary sewers to develop a capital improvement program for future rehabilitation and replacement of sanitary sewers.

Through a selective bidding process, the City of Lincoln Park has awarded Safeway Environmental the contract to complete the Program. To complete this work, entry must be made through manholes, some of which are located in rear yards. We request that you provide reasonable access for Safeway Environmental and the City’s engineering consultant personnel, Hennessey Engineers, to access manholes that may be in the rear yard. We also request that you refrain from parking on the street to allow Safeway Environmental to park along the streets.

Work is scheduled to begin the week of October 10, 2022. Work hours will be from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm Monday thru Friday with the possibility of Saturday. No work will be performed on Sundays or Holidays.

The first step is the cleaning of the sewers with a high-pressure jet using water obtained from nearby fire hydrants. As a result of using hydrants in areas with older water mains, natural mineral buildup may be disturbed resulting in the water having a slight “rust color” for an hour or two. This does not in any way contaminate the water. Allow your water to settle for one to two hours with minimum use and then running the COLD WATER ONLY for one to two minutes should clear any discoloration. PLEASE DO NOT DO LAUNDRY IF YOU OBSERVE ANY DISCOLORATION. During work on the sewer, some residents may or may not experience an odor coming from your drains or toilets. We ask that you keep toilet lids closed and if possible, place a towel between the lid and the seat. To help reduce the chance of odor, please add water to all floor drains. After cleaning the lines, the sewers are televised to evaluate their condition.

Your cooperation during this work is appreciated. Questions should be directed to the onsite representative Ron Rail at (734) 307-5760 or the Construction Manager Charles C. Smith at (734)365- 3553 or the City’s Engineering Consultant, Hennessey Engineers at 734-759-1600.

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