Drinking Water Service Line Investigation: Home Inspection

lslr-diagram-detailed-withlogo_orig water meter lead

The City of Lincoln Park sent out IN-HOME INSPECTION REQUIRED - CONSENT AND RELEASE FORM letters to select residents to verify the lead service line replacement locations. Residents that received this letter will need to verify what type of service line they have. This can be done by scheduling an in-home inspection with Hennessey Engineers or sending a photo of your meter directly to Hennessey Engineers.  If it is determined that your home has a lead service line, it will be replaced by the City of Lincoln Park and Hennessey Engineers.

Contact Hennessey Engineers and schedule an in-home inspection. In-home inspections must be completed by February 15 and can be scheduled Monday through Friday between 10 AM and 4 PM. Please contact Ron Rail by calling (734) 307-5760 to schedule your in-home inspection.

If you prefer contactless verification, you can take a photo of your water meter and email or text the photo to Hennessey Engineers at or (734) 307-5760. Please include your address in the text or email.